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I'm not sure how you got here or how you know me. The incarnations in my life have been many and varied. And so, my opinions are many and varied. 

I need an outlet and I've chosen this personal site for this expression. You'll hear about what I'm most known for and thats being associated with Food/Booze/Tattoos. You'll also read reviews, promotions, politics, music and other opinions. You'll hate or love what I have to say. 

And thats ok..


PS here is my bio:

Brett Rogers is what he likes to call a multi-person; a Renaissance man if you will. Rogers is a person undefined by what he does. Rather he has opted for a life filled with taking opportunities when they have presented themselves. He therefore doesn’t know what he “is” in the traditional or Western sense of the word.


Rogers started out as a smiley, happy-go-lucky child with bad asthma who was hospitalised more often than not. His doctor advised him to take up swimming which he did and excelled at. Rogers quickly had aspirations of being at the Olympic Games, which he didn’t achieve but he did win two gold medals at the 1999 All Africa Games, and he considers his greatest honour to have represented South Africa – at the tender age of 14 – in Egypt in 1994 as one of the first athletes to stand on a sporting podium wearing a gold medal and singing the new national anthem whilst watching the new flag being hoisted.


It was after this achievement that Crawford College came calling and changed his life immeasurably. Rogers was encouraged to think critically and to value his worth as an individual, which was to prove a vital cog in the machine of his future.


Swimming came and went and Rogers decided to study hotel management, and later massage therapy with one of the greats in the field John Hooper. Massage therapy took him to work with the New Zealand cricket team, runners up in 2009 ICC Champions Trophy, the Delhi Daredevils and the Springboks.


Then life decided to take Rogers overseas to work in Southampton, London, Edinburgh and Munich. In Munich he worked with fashion label Fummel und Kram on their English copy and at times embroidery. It was during this period that Rogers’ interest in fashion was more fully developed, and his education into what good fashion designers strive for began.


Rogers’ hometown of Johannesburg finally came calling and he was offered a chance to help create and manage a new and exciting restaurant in the city. It wasn't a job that was to last long but allowed Rogers to fall in love with his hometown again; a city he never thought he would return to. His love for Johannesburg brought new friends, old friends, interesting friends, crazy friends, challenging friends and loving friends into his life. Something he'll always thank the city for.


It was during his return to Johannesburg that he was offered the opportunity to work for Sailor Jerry Rum. Another new world was about to open up for Rogers; one that encouraged his love of badass music. The knowledge and expertise gained during this time – creating a brand – remains the most spectacular learning experience in Rogers’ life, and has been a constant resource when helping him in his current ventures.


In 2012 Rogers started working as a location scout on the building of the biggest TV screen in the world. From there his responsibilities accumulated and by the end of the project Rogers had worked as a fixer, a field producer, a project manager and even a documentary photographer.


The love for location scouting led Rogers to create the company I Scout Jozi, which has been responsible for finding locations for some of the most exciting international and local TV ads and documentaries to come out of South Africa.


In 2013 Rogers curated his first art exhibition called Feral with artists Muzi and Peachfish. The event was a great success for both the artists as well as Rogers. The following year (2014) brought new artists and more events along the same vein…and the wheels were in motion once again.


Throughout all these years Rogers has worked as a model and has had the great privilege of working with brands such as Laurence Airline, Pringle, Sixty and many more.  And in 2014, Rogers was selected by Dubai based WEST LA boutique to be the face of the brand.


Rogers is also the designer and owner of clothing company HalfWolf, which he is growing gently and focussing on its already strong brand image. HalfWolf has been extremely well-received and its constant fan appreciation has helped the growth of the brand.


In 2015, a new challenge was presented to Rogers as the face and host and content producer of the SABC3 TV show Food, Booze & Tattoos.

Throughout all this time, Rogers maintains his mission of being in control of his decision-making almost every step of the way; never beating to anyone else’s drum but his own. And long may it last!


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