The Pogues - Irish Whiskey

Irish is not my Whiskey of choice, I don’t even like spelling it that way. It makes me feel American and thusly, wrong.

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I’ve opened my palette to Irish over the last few years and I’m really starting to enjoy it. It almost feels like a little holiday for my mouth, it’s a little sweeter than I’m used to and that has its own character which I’m learning about.

I’m sure that most South Africans don’t know who The Pogues are. I’ve never been a fan, I’m a touch young perhaps, but I’ve always known about Shane McGowan and his bands insane alcohol and drug use. Shanes teeth were always a go to for my mom if I was not brushing my teeth“Boy, if you want to have teeth like Shane McGowan you go ahead and go to bed without brushing” I brushed.

(seriously I was going to put a picture here but its so unnecessary)

The Pogues are a Celtic punk band who’s song Fairytale of New York brought them massive fame, not only in the UK but throughout Europe and of all places New Zealand. They were and continue to be bigger than their music. They’re a symbol, an Icon of Irishness. They are Ireland.

My friend Pete showed me the bottle about 3 months ago and I lost my mind. Its black, its matte, its simple and its beautiful. Its so cool and modern it almost seems Un-Pogues.

For those who know me, you’ll know Black is a colour that I love so to see this bottle makes me very very happy, also and I’m perfectly happy to judge a book or a bottle by its cover. This bottle/branding says “You will drink me and you will enjoy me”

It helps that my first taste was had whilst watching my favourite football team go through to the Europa league final. The first taste was smooth, caramelly and incredibly delicious. It could have a more velvety texture, but I think considering the band I think a little bit of edginess suits.

Whiskey and Succulent

Whiskey and Succulent

Colour: Dark, Caramelly. But I don’t think caramel colouring, it strikes me as a very woody colour.
Nose: Malt, Almonds, Slight Sweetness, Tobacco
Taste:  Grain flavours, Caramel, Tar, Honey and again with the Almonds
Price:  450 – 500

I’d happily drink this and, although you’re buying a brand and a feeling, I think that this can comfortably go alongside your finer Irish whiskeys. 

Its Gritty its Ballsy and its Punk

I never knew gritty and punk could be so velvety

Available at:  
Bottega Bottle store in Parkhurst
Hells Kitchen (but wait till the weekend)

The creators of The Pogues, West Cork Distillers are now 13 years old and have had a solid impact in the worlds of whiskey and vodka and gin. You can find them here