Customising the Revolution

My passions continue to grow and develop, winding their way through my life, belief systems and aesthetic understandings; giving me strength and forcing me to delve into dark recesses of my comfort zones.  Fashion and Politics are two passions of mine that over centuries been levers to each others successes, and failures. Fashion has vanquished foes and built nations. Uniforms have, through force or by choice, united people. Politics has created some of the most arresting fashions that resonate to this day.

Not sure what these madalas are saying - but they're bad.ass in their Bleu De Chine

Much like the emperors new clothes, L’Anticher has an element of trickery. There are so many ways of looking at it and that is where the politics comes in. What is the meaning behind bringing workmans wear into the world of fashion? Why are you wearing L’Anticher? You may attach no meaning to it whatsoever, and that in itself is a statement.

Prosper Kapula (DJ) 

Prosper Kapula (DJ) 

I think for me everything is politics, that’s how I look at everything. In a sense of, even when you wake up in the morning there’s some politics … to anything, it’s all political.
You have to question everything. Even if I say “L’Anticher means Anti-Expensive ... that’s great, but for who? For some people its very expensive!
— Dwayne Kapula

Muka-Muka’s goals for L’Anticher though, seem not to be politically based in a way that dictates what they feel about the brand and what it means, but rather that it is a blank canvas for the wearer to dictate. It’s a freedom to create your fashion and your politics.

L’Anticher blue suits arrived in Marseilles from China 60 years ago and has been wandering the Mediterranean and Greater Maghreb ever since. Better known in Marseilles as the Chinese Workmans suit. Everyone wears ‘Bleu de Chine”, from dockworkers, builders, fisherman, to artists and addicts.

The kids have gotten involved and taken it from the exclusivity of the streets and have brought it to the minds of the French fashionistas, and they’re making a statement whilst doing it.  

L’Anticher launched softly at Aware records in Braamfontein, Muka-Muka invited creatives together to create something fresh, out of that history, that represents them. So instead of having a picture painted on a billboard, they had these creations as a moving art piece. For Dwayne, that’s where the politics lies “…because that’s something that is needed, if you look at gallery spaces, how its become elite. The person in the street has been ostracised from the very spaces that they themselves create art for. “

We can put it on cloth, we can say what we want to say, and still make it look cool. That’s why we are called Muka-Muka, which means “Arise-Arise”, not to be hectic, just to be aware.”
— Dwayne Kapula

That though, is exactly how I feel when I wear L’Anticher, I feel hectic. The indigo blue top and bottom indicate clearly that this is a workmans outfit, which in this South Africa indicates an underpaid and overworked black man or women.  I don’t know if I have the right to wear that colour as a uniform? That is what I enjoy so much about this clothing, I like that it challenges me and brings a sense of awareness to what I am wearing and why.

As Dwayne says “… just to be aware”

I wish to be aware, I wish to be challenged at all times, to have my understandings ripped from my comfortable hands and laid bare in front of me. Perhaps I’m taking this too seriously; after all it’s just a blue suit.

I just think its more than that. 

The spirit of collaboration and shared creativity are essential to Muka-Muka, they are taking their first project as a way of expressing their work and philosophies. They encourage their clients to embrace the emptiness of the fabric, the freedom to make their clothing unique. To take this unisex, utilitarian item and make it your own.

You can find Muka-Muka at:
+27 72 362 1574/ +27 73 616 7193
IG: Muka Muka
FB: Muka Muka 

100% cotton - Indigo
Assorted jacket and pants: jacket with Peter Pan collar, 5 Chinese buttons, 3 front patch pockets and 1 interior pocket. Chinos with adjustable waist, button fly, 2 side pockets and 1 back pocket with button.