The Length of mens hair has over the 20th century become an actual "thing", before if men had long hair it wasn't a topic, it was just the length of your hair and something to be proud of. The puritanical attitude towards it is ridiculous, like most things puritanical. Look at Brad Pitt down there, is that man not masculine AF? It was only when the man-bun popped up a few years ago that it became a "thing" again. I don't feel that way about hair, I love to see men with long luxurious hair and the man-bun gives them a way of wearing it that is not a god forsaken pony tail.

With the man-bun there is a supreme masculinity that I love. If I wasn’t so addicted to change I would definitely do this. I see so many men around who pull this off beautifully. Everyone can do it and it’s easy to do if you have the patience.

Brad Pitt, long hair and manly AF

Brad Pitt, long hair and manly AF

There are a number of styles that guys use on the way to the full on Man-bun. The start is usually the Samurai Top Knot which I saw in South African for the first time in 2004/5 when German friends came to visit and the long haired men were all sporting a top knot of some persuasion.

Guys got braver after that, foregoing the “mullet” element of the Top Knot style and sweeping all their hair into a bun. Everything goes, from low slung styles at the base of the neck all the way to the full on bun on the crown of the head, this being my favourite. I have tended to prefer the tight man-bun, but some guys with long thick wavy hair can definitely pull off the extravagant loose knot. Since my hair has gotten much longer I'm trying to work with the loose knot, but my thin hair doesnt love it. As always its a personal journey that you can work with as you grow your hair.

So many men in the public sphere are playing with hair androgyny, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Alex Ebert, that guy from Thor and many more. 

If you are feeling a little self conscious but like this style, start with the Top Knot where you sweep all the hair above your ears back and get someone to teach you how to tie a bun. Its subtle, cool and hey if Beckham can do it, who’s to say you cant.

From there, the world is yours:

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