Tights are an incredibly flexible option, from extravagant designs to a plain matte black, guys can wear it. If you’re clever about it.

This is no stranger to a mans wardrobe, for most of the middle ages a groomed man would wear tights, under bloomers (definitely not sold on those though!) a lot of the time they were pink. Pink was first considered a masculine colour and blue a feminine. Social enforcement of gender has really fucked with what we’re allowed to wear and not allowed to wear. I hate being told what to do by anyone, let alone society. Now everyone from Givenchy, to Alexander McQueen,that other Alexander Wang and so many more

Dont do this. Unless you're into LARPing

Dont do this. Unless you're into LARPing


Hip Hop has had a fantastic influence on fashion over the last few years and tights have been at the forefront of its impact. The amazing thing about tights is that almost any guy can wear them. Skinny Jeans are divisive as some guys just can’t pull it off.

My favourite way of wearing tights is the classic hip hop way:

Black Tights

Black Baggy shorts

Oversized Tee

Chunky high tops (Clean please)

It’s so simple it’s almost cheating.

I seriously want to be this dude.

I seriously want to be this dude.

If you are feeling like challenging yourself, forego the baggy shorts and just wear the oversized Tee. However: no one wants to see your package displayed to the world, so please don’t wear anything that exposes your crotch, and be discreet with the way you sit! Ladies have been dealing with this for years, and now it’s our turn.  Despite what the Internet tells you, upskirt is not sexy.

Some guys like to wear extravagantly Patterned tights. I truly love this, but I know that it’s a lot harder to get right.

So cool, and I love the conservative feel to this challenging outfit.

So cool, and I love the conservative feel to this challenging outfit.

We can’t ignore the impact which sport has had on this, ironically the most macho of men, whilst wearing muscle warming gear have helped set this trend. Basketballers, American Footballers and Football players have all been a part of this… but not cyclists, not ever.

Please, lets see more of this all. Dudes looking badass.

Also btw life is way more comfortable with a really nice pair of comfortable leggings.
Seriously girls know things

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