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Photographing the Apocalypse

Brutalism, Concrete, Sci-Fi Dystopia, High Contrast, Fantastic Realism... all of these words can be used to describe Khojastehpay's work. Despite those dark evocations, I also find release in these images. A final realisation of "where I am", a content resignation. Almost as if he's released us from the fear of the Apocalypse and welcomes us into it.

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This is the first of many tattoo features I'll be doing. Wes is one of the many young talents Johannnesburg and South Africa have to offer.  Wes is based at Handstyle Tattoos. Home to Ross Hallam, Paul Collocott and of course Wes. 

I would recommend any of the artists at Handstyle. They're great quality, good service and sometimes Lighthouse Family plays  in the radio, but dont let that stop you. 

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