All Hail the Awful Slug Christ

Atlanta based musician-artist Slug Christ allows us access to his weirdcore mind in this expressive interview. Conscious Trap and Hip-Hop at its grimy depths.

Slug Christ was an introduction for me into the amazing conscientious world of Atlanta based Awful Records. Over the next months, no doubt a few more of their remarkable artists will make it onto these pages.

Slug Christ and the rest of his cronies at Awful are some of the most prolific rappers around. Their collabs are solid and their music consistent. As expressed in the interview below, Sluggers music can sometimes jar in the beginning, but somehow by the end of the day you’re rapping verses and saying “Daaaayyyiim” as you walk down the streets.

Filthy bass, fascinating lyrics, conscientious comments bathed in irony and humour. He’s a creator in all things from the music, to the videos to writing, nothings off limits.

Observe the unedited brain of the man below:

1.     What do you think is the main factor behind being able to release so much work? 

i just have a lot inside me thats gotta get out i guess. i dont intentionally set out to make a bunch of art i really just be sittin my room doing one of the few things i enjoy: creating

2.     What was your first introduction into hip hop and what was the moment you knew that you wanted to be a musical creator. 

umm my first hip hop i was introduced to was run dmc cuz my dad was a fan. i listened to lot of nwa when i was like 11 haha. but i didnt really start loving hip hop as a whole until i started paying attention to weezy's rain of terror in the mid an late 2000s. i knew i wanted to do music when i started growing up and realized they hadnt made giant robot gundams yet that i could pilot  

3.     You deal with really serious topics, whether through your cover art, or through the music itself. Yet you have quite a lighthearted character and aesthetic. Is that combination intentional or did that just happen?

i mean theres a light and dark side to everything. if your light is strong your shadow will be just as strong. every comedian makes ppl laugh to hide their pain and audience's. im sure something like that goes on inside of me

4.     Your videos have an element of “we have a camera, lets shoot some shit” is that how it goes? Or are you more considered than that?

some videos like honja were thought out and direct but yeah haha awful's swag is lets just shoot the vid right here w the the ppl we have right here.

5.     A lot of people I play your music for have an initial reaction of wtf is this? 

ppl are scared of whats different

6.     Then they start rapping Hokay Hokay Hokay under their breath and they’re fucking hooked. Do you get a similar reaction?  

def. my youtube comments make me so angry like some guy a year ago is like THIS SHIT FUCKING SUCKS WHITE ASS LIL METTHED OUT RAPPER BITCH. then theyll comment a year later like i had no idea why i hated this, this shit is amazing. and its just so fucking stupid and humans are fuckin stupid 

7.     I’m interested in the relationships between the Awful Artists. What came first for you, the friendships (or not friendships) or the work?  

umm i mean i started hanging out with the awful dudes because of music, but there was def friendship there before any work went down.

8.     What is your goal with your music, I mean especially the irreverent attitude towards religion. The dichotomy of the religiosity of the Slug Christ and the anti religion visuals. Its almost like you are a godhead figure telling your minions to worship you and no one else.  

nah i actually want to promote self worship and the idea that we are all spiritual beings capable of anything  

9.     There seems to be an air of melancholy around the consciousness’s of Awful Records artists. Almost as if AR has decided to work specifically around thoughtful artists. Do you see Awful Records in the same way? 

 i guess so iono

10.  Your work has an air of “if you get me you get me, if not, you can fuck off” is that how you view your art?

yeah def i make music for myself an myself only. i know im snappin bruh im hearing myself snap rn. i could care less what anybody thinks  


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click image for the link ... 

11.  Do you create in other mediums other than music? 

i went to SCAD-atlanta as a painting major so i paint and draw a lot. i direct and edit most of my music videos. ive made a horror movie here and there too 

12.  What are you listening to at the moment?

future, sosa, slowdive

13.  Can you give me 5 artists or tracks that our readers have to listen to

none i cant think of right now

14.  Do you have any intentions of coming to South Africa?

 fersure! ill be out there as soon as i can


I like to be challenged, and for my artistic appreciation envelope to be pushed. I am a fan of creators, of people who create relentlessly. Who let their streams of consciousness flow forth unrestrained, unfiltered. They are also the most likely to offend, but only when viewed with a closed mind. Slug Christ is one of those mind openers for me, and I like it, you should listen to him. I suspect Slugger might think I’m taking it all too seriously, but that’s ok with me, I enjoy the seriousness. 


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