To be fair to me Shruthi tricked me into liking Rum. It wasn’t my fault!! After working in rum for a long time I had to avoid that piratey substance for a while.

However after a dinner party where aforementioned friend brought Time Anchor Vanilla White Rum, I knew I had to go and see this distillery.  There was a surprise addition to the Vanilla White Rum I tasted the first time. An Orange rind carefully slipped into the crystal clear French Glass bottles.

French Glass ... South African Liquid

French Glass ... South African Liquid

The first thing I notice about local quality beverages is their bottling. Time Anchor is no let down, beautiful clear French glass which is reminiscent of Inverroche bottling.

Time Anchor have spent a seriously long time thinking about their bottling and honestly. Its worth the time.

I visited Shanna-Rae and Warwick at their sweet little distillery (which is in the process of expanding) in Maboneng. Face brick, chrome, stills and other brands that TAD respects greet your eyes as this team chat to their guests.

Whilst Shruthi and I waited for the group before us to finish their tasting. We were treated to a White Rum TAD and Stormy. (TAD = Time Anchor Distillery - Yes I needed the explanation) nothing quite like a delicious Rum and Ginger drink at 11am to get your day off to a great start.

Our tasting included their full range of Rums and Gins followed by the unique experience of tasting The Alchemy Trials, this being their experimental test range. Honestly, its one of the most exciting alcohol ranges I’ve had the privilege of tasting.
I have had a lot of tastings, so that’s no small thing.

This Alchemy range is for the moment is a liqueur based, adapted from their Rum and Gin ranges.

Gincello. Citrus Gin Liqueur
Cocoa Rum: Chocolate Rum Liqueur - one month Tanzanian Cocoa bean infusion. 
Sloe Gin. Made with Sloe Berries.  Which sounds dirty to me somehow.

Of all these we loved the Cocoa Rum Liqueur the most. It was so very Chocolatey
The Gincello immediately made me thing of Roast Pork and Crackling. It blew my mind.

The Alchemy Trials are a very special experience and I highly recommend getting in touch to find out when you can taste them.

The Alchemy Trials aside, we went on to the Rums and Gins.

Vanilla White Rum

Vanilla White Rum

Starting with RUM:

The White Rum has a gentle macadamia and caramel follow through and lacks the sharp mouth feel that I sometimes get from rums. Handmade is certainly the way to go here.

The Vanilla White Rum is the original White Rum with three Vanilla pods slipped into the bottle. The colouring is remarkable, such a warm colour and the vanilla flavour was just perfect.

NOTE: Warwick warns that when you have infused alcohols its best to remove the ingredient once you are happy with it, as the living ingredients are going to keep changing the flavour of the alcohol.



I love a good gin, I love infused rich thoughtful gins that take you places. I’m not interested in your boring as heartless gin.

We started with the London dry. Which once the "London" aspect was explained to me became so much richer an experience.  I love a dry alcohol and the fresh ingredients carefully sourced by Warwick and Shanna-Rae support the strength of this alcohol so well. 

Moving onto the absolutely remarkable Livingstone Botanics. Almost nothing about it appeals on first description Honeybush infused anything doesn’t work for me. And yet and yet and yet.

This is one of the most interesting Gins I’ve ever tasted, yes its got a strong Honeybush flavour, which initially though not to my taste became so creamy and subtle it was almost a warm blanket. Mixed with a good Tonic Water is when it really came to life. Such a delicate yet bold flavour.

Go visit Time Anchor here 
+27 72 495 1983


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Bottles start from R 320

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