Wim Hof Method - Week 1

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT DO EXERCISES IN WATER. (I didnt, but just making sure you dont)


I've been on a little journey towards self-improvement, I've alway been extremely averse to some fool telling me how to live my life. Like WHO THE FUCK are you in those bad shoes telling me how to be a better me? I have been searching (lightly) for a new "leader"... and I'm pretty sure I found the dude I want to listen to. The main thing that stick out for me, is that he is not after fame or money, and is not telling me how if I do what he says I'll be better, but rather Wim hands you some tools and lets you work.

Here is the doccie I saw which put me onto Wim:

Wim Hof first caught the attention of scientists when he proved he was able to use meditation to stay submerged in ice for 1 hour and 53 minutes without his core body temperature changing.

... ok so if you've watched that video you might be inspired to do it yourself, which you can fora fee at Wim Hof Method. You'll be taken in by his gregarious nice guy attitude and staggeringly powerful body. 

I have decided to do the course, which I started on Saturday, ordinarily, things take a little while to kick in, but not here, this shit is instant! 

The first week sets a level for you which benchmarks your improvements as you go. For instance, my base level of holding my breath was 41 seconds. My inner swimmer was deeply embarrassed at that low score. 

You do three rounds of breathing after that. Deep inhales, followed by short releases. After each round, you breathe in ... and all the way out ... THEN YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH!!! I'm not kidding, you hold your breath AFTER exhale!

These are my time scores on my first attempt:

I held my breath, without air in my lungs for that long! Staggering.

Some people complain about cramps and tingles, I felt them deeply and really enjoyed it. I had deep cramps in my belly, lungs and hands which all dissipate as you use all that O2 while holding breath. 

I roped in a buddy to do it with me the following two times. 
First time we were drunk and 420'd, second time we had climbed a mountain in the cold, did our breathing and landed up walking barefoot in our swimsuits (ten minutes) in the cold rain and wind to a lake on top of the mountain. We swam and took a casual walk back, all in swimsuits. With no side effects, contrary to that we felt great. I couldnt believe it, I hate the cold and here I was smashing it.

I hadnt the foresight to bring a camera, but below is the lake we swam in.

the lake on top of Table Mountain

the lake on top of Table Mountain

Friend in mist

Friend in mist

Please, if you're keen to give this a chance I highly recommend... I'm gonna power through and do the full 10 week course!!