It's obviously important to have a handle on what you're doing and I so often don't. To help me with this I've cut down on the number of brands I work with.

I've stuck with three because of the nature of my relationship with them. Starbucks is the most recent of my associations, they're a powerhouse and I'm excited to see what can be achieved with them, also one of my Besties works for them and I'll do anything for her. With Sony honestly I'm such a Fanboy that I'll stick with them forever. The people at Freedom Hair and Barbering were friends way before we were in business together. Boyden is a man I can work with and we can inspire each other, there'll never be another barber for me



Starbucks, the company that created coffee culture as we know it, recently came to South Africa. They currently have two stores and I make it my business to attend the Rosebank branch a couple of times a week. They have superbly curated events and I'm working on my own one currently. #TheGentlemansHour is a concept that I'm planning which will entail +- 10 gentleman DRESSED TO KILL. We'll be doing a liquor tasting and a coffee discussion. Starbucks have ethically sourced beans from all over the world and I know my gents will appreciate it. 


I love Sony, I have always loved Sony. From my first walkman through to my Boombox, my 3 pairs of headphones (all used to within an inch of their lives), innumerous lost earbuds and now my current phone, the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. 

I have been offered "nicer" phones from Sony, but I can't get passed this gorgeous device. I like the design, I like the matte polycarbonate rear plate, the waterproofness, I adore the camera and I love its elegance.

Its my phone and I love it. All images (and some video) from this site provided by me are shot on the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Including the CBC fanvideo and these two sample images below that I took recently


Freedom Hair and I have had an amazing journey together. Boyden has been cutting my hair for about 6 years now I think. 

I'm not partial to boring, so having Boyden to collaborate with has been inspirational and most importantly, fun. I like to challenge, but my work and the nature of my audience leads me in slightly more conservative directions. (thats probably not remotely true, but I do feel like a hold back a lot)

Boyden and I created one particular style (2nd image) which launched a million copycats, we love playing around and creating. Its the perfect communicative relationship to have with a brand partner.

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It may seem strange to split up my barbers, but its simply that Rafiek at Wyatt is a remarkable barber.  Once you've found the right person to trim your beard its very scary to try someone else. I've gone overseas to work for months at a time without a hair or beard trim because I just don't trust many hairdressers and barbers. 
Rafiek has been trimming my beard for so long and gets it just right every time. If you want you can go for the full hot towel etc treatment (its the best), but I'm always in a rush so I run in say "the usual Raf" and he gets going.

Perfect everytime

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Over the years I have done some cool work with fashion and grooming brands. I always put a lot of thought into who I work with, what their style and ethos is and whether they're aligned with my own beliefs

Below you can see two of my favourite brands that I've worked with:


During this relationship Bonafide and I created a new scent range called #BBBRR. The range included a beard oil, and a gorgeous moisturising soap.

Bonafide's high quality products and ethically sourced ingredients were a perfect fit for me.

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Nudie are my favourite jean brand and it was an absolute pleasure working with them as an ambassador.  The jeans below are my own and have all been worn in beautifully. I'm actually wearing my Raw Selvedge Nudie Jeans as a I type... As well as my Nudie Raw Selvedge Gilet (I hadnt noticed how much nudie I was wearing till typing that sentence) OH WAIT!!  I'm wearing a Nudie belt too.

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